Thursday, January 05, 2012 for @blogger @blogspot comments - really rather good!

Having not made a new years resolution at the time I have decided that it should be "use my blog more often". I'm doing quite well this year so far but to be honest its quite tricky fitting it in "out of hours" what with the twins, learning guitar and Skyrim being released but we can but try!

This post centres around the ease with which I managed to sign up for and integrate Disqus comments into this very blog. It turns out that to replace the (fairly basic) standard Blogger comments with Disqus is REALLY straightforward. Simply a case of signing up to Disqus pointing it at your blog and clicking the appropriate options.

Disqus accounts are free (though there are paid for versions) and it adds a social edge and more integrated experience if you're a Blogger or a commenter. I original was looking to integrate LiveFyre but it didn't seem to offer the kind of seamless integration and ease for which I was looking (I may be wrong but Disqus just made it so easy!).

Anyway if you're looking for "comments on social steroids) I would definitely recommend it if you're serious about building communities around your content!
One last word on LiveFyre if you're looking for something a bit different it works just like other comments managers however it also include live chat as a first-class feature which, when you see it, really is quite impressive!
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